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In 1990 I was addicted to crack cocaine.  I was sent to prison for five years. I came to Jesus in 1990 and since that time I have been saved. I thank God for the New Day Ministry because through it I was baptized in the name of Jesus, delivered from crack cocaine, sin, and shame. I know that people think evil things about me until you know my story, you can’t understand my glory.  I have been saved for 18 years and I’ve been at New Day for 16 years. I am still saved, still delivered, and still set free.

Carrie Terrell Hines Barber  

Betty Ashford


I had a hole in my right lung the size of a half dollar. I was unaware of the hole in my right lung. The doctor asked me (more than one time) if I had surgery.  My answer was no.  The Lord Jesus closed up the hole in my right lung without cutting on me (no scars) o taking my lung out.  I Praised The Lord For My Miracle!

                                    Florence Mosley



The worst thing a child could ever do is disappoint their mother. “Jordan, you have all F’s on your report card.  I saw the disappointment, the worry in her face. Little did she know, my heart was breaking as well.  That was the beginning of my troubles…. I was the laughter of all my family. Boy, I thought disappointment crushed my spirit. I was wrong. Their laughter hurt more than anything.  In a way I think it all helped me. It made me work harder, made me stronger and helped me keep my faith in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  God helped me the next year to once again put the smile on my parents’ faces.  And as for the rest of the family, they are smiling but this time not because of my failure, but for my success.                             Jordan Wiltz


He is so awesome I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for me.  So many times he has healed, delivered and open doors, and shut doors for me. Even when I didn’t know what to do but he made a way.  I have so many testimonies to tell but there is one that stands out that I must tell.  This happened several years ago. I worked on this job where there were so many things happening. People were so busy into other people lives that everyday there was something that was said about something or somebody.  There were rumors here and rumors there.  It got so bad that I would sometimes wear ear phones and listen to gospel songs while at work.  Well, it was a rumor going around about the following year concerning jobs. I was a teacher’s assistant at that time and I felt that my job was pretty secure and teachers were the ones that were the main issue.  I enjoyed working with the children. I stayed to myself, never caused trouble and try to help wherever I was needed. I put on programs, did bulletin boards every month and helped out anybody that was somebody. School was out for the summer and it was a Saturday, three days to return back to work.  I really enjoyed my summer break. I received a letter in the mail from my school. I read that according to the budget my job position was being cut. I read the letter over and over so I was sure about what the letter had said.  Sure enough I was no longer needed at my school. I couldn’t believe it, here it was Saturday and school was to start on Wednesday. It was only three days away. What was I suppose to do. I had a family, I needed insurance, and I needed my job. I cried and prayed, I cried and prayed.  I couldn’t believe it, no one warned me, my principal didn’t tell me, no one. I woke up early Monday morning and went to the school to see the principal. I spoke to her about it and she told me that she didn’t know anything about it.  She had to know because she did the budget.  She knew who was going to work on the campus for the new school year. I didn’t understand nor did I know what to do but I knew the Lord knew. I left and begin my search for another job. I went to this school and that school but found nothing.  I went to one school and the secretary told me to check back because someone might be leaving.  So I checked back, she said to check back again.  During my search, I stopped and got my hair done. I believed that something would come up soon.  It was Tuesday, the last day before the new school year. I have not heard from anybody. Early Wednesday morning, I received a call. It was an employee from my former school telling how wrong the principal was by letting me go without telling me. While I was on the phone with my former co-worker, the secretary from another school called me. She said that an employee just turned in her resignation and I can take her place. The secretary told me to come in that morning. Look at God. What the devil meant for evil, God turned it around for my good.  The Lord knew I needed a job. He knew the whole situation. I still had my insurance and I was still in the system.  It was just like I changed schools and never was laid off. I only had two days to look but God had it already set up for me.  He has done so much for me, I can not tell it all. Trust GOD even when you don't understand. God is able.  He will never leave you nor forsake you. You will always have the Victory. Thank God for Jesus!

           Sister Priscilla

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    At New Day we make it a priority to build lasting bonds between the members of our church family-bonds of concern and genuine commitment to one another.  Most of all - WE CARE!

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